Month: March 2012

See What Happens!

Google Social Business Senior VP Vivek “Vic” Gundotra aptly observes, “Social [interaction] is much more than just status updates.” Indeed.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times,0,4379437.story Google seeks to drive social engagement by opening its Google+ “Hangouts” video chat features to independent app developers.

Competition among Google, Skype and Facebook for market share of video-enhanced shared social engagement is already creating opportunities for developers such as Scoot & Doodle ( who use video chat to create “collaborative play space” connecting families and loved ones.

Vic Gundotra points out that this is just the beginning. “No one has ever done a multi-user video service for the whole world for free, let alone open it up to developers…It takes a company like Google, at Google’s scale, to do something like this, and let’s see what happens.”