3 Tips to Get More Marketing Results from Twitter

Don’t fall into a trap of thinking of Twitter as a new advertising channel. For Twitter to work, you must discover a different perspective. Measurable success will come from growing a database of prospective customers that freely chose to follow you. Once they start to follow you, you need them to remain active followers that want to receive your messages.

So don’t simply serve up a steady stream of advertising announcements. They will abandon you. Consider this approach:

  1. Follow local leaders in your Twittersphere
  2. Make friends.
  3. Demonstrate your contributions to your community

Follow local leaders in your Twittersphere

See what others in your community are saying, doing and tweeting about. This will give you valuable insights. See who’s popular and why. Seek out those who tweet that show strong credibility. Learn from them.

Make friends

Twitter’s appeal comes from its ability to enhance communication amongst friends and community. Shouting out “best sale ever” will alienate those most valuable to you. Get to know them. Take a long term view. That’s what friends are for.

Demonstrate your contributions to your community

Make your local community your first priority. Point out your charity efforts. Praise key employees. Highlight successful projects that have improved the local economy or important civic projects that your store has supported.


Social Media requires a whole new way of thinking. Twitter will not magically replace newspaper ad spots. Don’t treat it like advertising. You won’t find any traction with that approach.

In contrast, think “community.” Find or create local and virtual communities that people care about that also fit into the vision of your store. If you can’t put a voice to your vision, well, that’s a whole other issue.

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