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5 Ways to Improve the Marketing Results of Your Next iOS App

This article abstract was created in reference to 5 excellent ideas targeting iOS developers published by Mashable.

If you’re looking to create an iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) application, read this. It could make the difference between success or obscurity for your next app release.

With the growing ranks of newly published apps, even the most innovative and well-crafted apps get ignored.

Don’t leave your marketing for after your release. This approach will waste one of the best marketing opportunities available — that magical time when your app first hits the app store. Get your marketing-mojo working in parallel to your development effort.

Recommended Action Plan
1. Build a splash page (Web Page) for your upcoming app that touts your masterpiece—until it’s actually built. Eventually, the splash page should grow into a full website
2. Share a sneak-peak. App-focused blogs love featuring cool new apps in development.
3. Create a teaser video that showcases key features – include upbeat background music or good narrative
4. Rally your beta testers and turn them into advocates once your app launches
5. Share promo codes with those who agree to write about the app to get the word-of-mouth rolling


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Google rolls out new “Instant” search feature, how does your site stack up?

Google Instant will give searchers their results as fast as they type, but Google didn’t just stop there. Once the searcher gets results, they can now see an image-based snapshots—a new kind of visual search result that Google calls “Instant Previews.” This makes it even faster for searchers to find the right results, faster.

This new Google Search feature begins rolling out today (Nov 9, 2010).

Sharpen your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) efforts! If you’re not on page one, searchers won’t know you exist.

New Study: The iPad’s bigger screen translates into higher app price points


A new report says people are willing to pay more for iPad apps than they are for those that support only the iPhone, and the gap may be growing. The average price for an iPad app has risen 14.5 percent in the last six months, while the average iPhone app has only experienced a 2.3 percent rise.

Full Article:…

Original Report:…

Interesting Excerpt: The average price of the top 100 paid applications in October 2010 is 171% higher in the Apple App Store for iPad than in the Apple App Store for iPhone; $5.80 compared with $2.14, respectively.

QR Codes? What’s a QR Code? And, Why You Should Care!

A QR code is a 2-d barcode that can be decoded by smart phones. Simply point your phone’s camera at a QR code. The phone will then connect instantly to the encoded web page. It’s that easy. It’s that fast.

Is this just a bit too abstract for your mind’s eye? Just watch this video.

Now start putting QR in your direct mail, signage and other marketing collateral. If you don’t know where or how to start, let me know. I can help.

Explore the latest innovations in Marketing and Technology for 2011

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES 2011) offers one of the best places to see and experience the coming trends for 2011. This huge show covers a wide range of technologies that can directly benefit anyone interested in leveraging the best and latest innovations in marketing and technology.

If you register before Sep-30-2010, you get in for free. If you register between Oct-1-2010 and Dec-31-2010, it will cost you $100 a ticket. If you wait until the show, and register on-site, the price goes up to $200 per person.

So, if you think you’re going CES 2011, register early!

You can get more information about the CES 2011 exhibitors and events at

Here are the important dates

Key Date Deadline For
Sep 30 Register by this date to guarantee free registration
Oct 1 Conference Program registration opens
Dec 6 Register by this date to guarantee receipt of your badge before CES
Dec 27 Conference Program cancellation deadline
Dec 31 Advance registration closes at 2p PST
Jan 5 On-site attendee registration opens at 12-Noon PST

Ignorance About Search Engine Optimatization = Letting Your Competition Win

Executive Summary

Marketing Perspective:Competitive forces will compel you to master the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). My recommendation, just keep things simple. Don’t outsmart yourself and waste time on trivial matters. Start by identifing which keywords you want to target and track how well you stack up against your competitors.

Technology Perspective: Use Google and type in your competitive keywords. Browse through the resulting list—also called the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Once you get a feel for the competitive landscape, you’ll have a clear basis for allocating the appropriate resources to improve your site’s SERP ranking. Although you may need to leverage consultants to bootstrap your efforts, ultimately, you will want a permanent member your your team well-educated on the primary issues and techniques of SEO. Learn how to leverage a smart mix of Search Engine Marketing and organic search effectiveness for the best results.

Results Perspective:In a highly competitive field, you need to find a way to get to page one—preferably positions 1, 2 or 3. Those top spots clearly yield the biggest competitive advantage and will reward you with increased traffic volumes.

This Example Shows Competitive Ranked Results using Google
Test Date: June 30, 2010
Google Location: Los Angeles
Keywords Used: Mercedes Los Angeles
Ranked Entries: Franchised Mercedes-Benz Dealers Only

Page 1 Winners
1. Keyes European
2. Downtown LA Motors
3. Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills

Page 1 Runner-ups
4. Mercedes-Benz of Long Beach
5. Penske & Mercedes-Benz of West Covina
6. Calstar Motors
7. Mercedes-Benz of Valencia
8. Rusnak Arcadia

Page 2
9. Mercedes-Benz of South Bay
10. Mercedes-Benz of Encino
11. Mercedes-Benz of Santa Monica
12. Walters Mercedes-Benz

Page 3
13. Mercedes-Benz of Anaheim
14. Mercedes-Benz of Calabasas
15. House of Imports

Do You Know the Top Keywords in Your Marketplace?

Executive Summary

Marketing Perspective: To get the most from your online strategy, understand the top keywords in your marketplace.

Technology Perspective: Sign up for a Google AdWords account and learn how to use Google Insight.

Results Perspective: Learn what keywords are hot. Make sure your website maximizes the effective use of those keywords in page titles, ad copy, section headings and other strategic (SEO: Search Engine Optimization) web page elements.

How Does Email Fit into Your Online Marketing Strategy?

Executive Summary

Marketing Perspective: To get the most from your online strategy, make email marketing a priority.

Technology Perspective: Obtaining useful metrics and ensuring high deliverability rates are technology-driven issues.

Results Perspective: Real world experience has shown email broadcasts can make a dramatic improvement in sales—even in a down market.

In today’s tough and competitive marketplace, email continues to offer powerful benefits to improve your lead generation results. Make it the foundation of your online strategy. Finding the full potential of marketing your dealership online requires your recognition of the “right place” for email in your efforts.

Most importantly, stay focused on your list—that golden list of email addresses. Your open and conversion rates are fully dependent on three things:

  1. The quality of your email marketing list
  2. The quality of your marketing messages and design
  3. The deliverability of your email system

Golden lists don’t just happen. Make it your goal. Measure it. The most important lead generation metrics:

  • List size
  • Open rates
  • Click through rates on your call-to-action links
  • Phone calls generated from your call-to-action messsages

As you craft your design and messages, split your list into two randomly selected segments. Send one design to the first group. Send another design to the second group. Which worked best? Learn from that and then repeat the process on the next effort. These experiments can dramatically improve your results.

Lastly, don’t neglect deliverability. Watch your bounce rates and open rates. How are they trending? As these numbers go down, it may indicate technical issues related to your approach. Stay on top of best practices and legal requirements so your email messages are delivered to the inbox every time.

Set aside time to keep up with new advancements and best practices. Find out more about your customers’ expectations. Learn from others by observing how other savvy marketers navigate all of this.

Google Changes Local Business Center to Google Places

Executive Summary

Marketing Perspective.

Google Places provides you the ability to freely market your business. Highlights include:

  • Manage business information
  • Post coupons & live updates
  • See how you’re doing with a performance dashboard

Technology Perspective.

No technology to learn here. Just master your favorite Internet browser and follow their directions—making simple things simpler and complex things possible.

Results Perspective.

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