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Explore the latest innovations in Marketing and Technology for 2011

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES 2011) offers one of the best places to see and experience the coming trends for 2011. This huge show covers a wide range of technologies that can directly benefit anyone interested in leveraging the best and latest innovations in marketing and technology.

If you register before Sep-30-2010, you get in for free. If you register between Oct-1-2010 and Dec-31-2010, it will cost you $100 a ticket. If you wait until the show, and register on-site, the price goes up to $200 per person.

So, if you think you’re going CES 2011, register early!

You can get more information about the CES 2011 exhibitors and events at

Here are the important dates

Key Date Deadline For
Sep 30 Register by this date to guarantee free registration
Oct 1 Conference Program registration opens
Dec 6 Register by this date to guarantee receipt of your badge before CES
Dec 27 Conference Program cancellation deadline
Dec 31 Advance registration closes at 2p PST
Jan 5 On-site attendee registration opens at 12-Noon PST

Lease Remarketing Letter/Email Template: 3 Months Till Maturity

Dear [FirstName],

You only have approximately 90 days till your [Model] lease ends (#[VIN]). As this date approaches, you may want to take advantage of our assistance with the lease return process.

For selected customers (and that means you!), try out our overnight inspection process. Here’s how it works:

1. Contact us and set a pre-inspection appointment
2. We take your vehicle for approximately 24 hours. In the meantime, you can take an Overnight Test Drive with a new vehicle.

To schedule your pre-inspection appointment, and learn more about our Overnight Test Drive contact us at [nnn.nnn.nnnn].


Lease Remarketing Manager
[Store Name]

Lease Remarketing Letter/Email Template: 12 Months Till Maturity

Dear [FirstName],

In just 12 months your lease #[VIN] for your [Model] will come to an end.

At this stage, many [Make] drivers begin thinking up questions for us. Some just want to make sure the end-of-lease process goes smoothly without any surprises.  Others want to find out whether it makes sense to look at getting a new vehicle. And some, just want to know more about the latest models.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the latest engineering innovations at [Make], here some quick highlights for you:

  • Fact / Benefit #1
  • Fact / Benefit #2
  • Fact / Benefit #3

Regardless of your intentions, you’ll find that we can help.

Please contact me, [NameHere] at [nnn.nnn.nnnn] to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Lease Remarketing Department
[Dealership Name]

Lease Remarketing Letter/Email Template: 10 Months Till Maturity

Dear [FirstName],

With 10 months remaining on your [Model] lease (#[VIN]), we have some suggestions to help you save time and money.

To give us some insights to better assist you, do you expect to:

1. Lease or purchase a new [Make] at our specially adjusted prices
2. Purchase your existing lease vehicle and finance it at an attractive rate

You may choose either option at anytime from now till the end of your lease. You don’t need to wait until your lease expires to move into your next vehicle.

We offer a variety of incentives for early lease returns, which may include offering a cash allowance to reduce the payoff of your current [Make] lease.

Please call me, [Name Here] at nnn.nnn.nnnn to find out more about your options.


[Name Here]
Lease Remarketing Department
[Store Name]

Lease Remarketing Letter/Email Template: 6 Months Till Maturity

Dear [FirstName],

Did you know that you only have 6 months left to go you your [Model] lease (#[VIN])?

Right now we’re experiencing high demand for many of the latest [Make] models. So it’s important that you plan ahead.

Many models have been redesigned. A compelling lineup of completely new models awaits you.

As a prior customer of [Store Name], you have the opportunity to reserve one of these exciting models at a great price. Plan ahead now, so your next [Make] will be ready when you are.

Please contact me, [Name Here] at [nnn.nnn.nnnn] to discuss your lease-end options, the reservation process, and to get more information about our completely new models.


[Name Here]
Lease Remarketing Department
[Store Name]

Lease Remarketing Letter/Email Template: 4 Months Till Maturity

Dear [FirstName],

With your [model] lease nearing its end (Lease # [VIN]), now’s the perfect time to evaluate your vehicle’s turn-in condition.

Give us a call. We can assist you in evaluating your vehicle’s value. Here’s some examples of possible alternatives for you:

• Purchase or lease a new [Make] at special prices through our [StoreName] Returning Customer Program
• Purchase or lease a Certified Pre-owned [Make]—completely reconditioned with an extended warranty
• Buy out lease and finance it at specially competitive rates

I can help you save time and money by exploring these options with you at any time. Don’t wait till the end of your lease. Depending on your situation, you may qualify for a variety of incentives for an early lease return—which often times includes cash allowance to reduce the balance of your remaining lease.

Please call me, [Name Here] at nnn.nnn.nnnn, to learn more about all the options and programs available to you. Our [StoreName] Returning Customer Programs are better than ever.

There’s never been a better time to purchase or lease a new [Make].


[Name Here]
Lease Remarketing Department
[Store Name]

Template: Lease Marketing, Lease Remarketing

How to Break the Ice and Maximize Your Success Rate with Outbound Phone Calls

Wouldn’t it be great to talk to 10 or 20 people today that wanted to hear from you and who could also help you make money? Well its not as difficult as you might think. And during these economic times you certainly can’t waste a single prospect. So, consider committing to making a self-imposed daily quota of outbound phone calls to keep your pipeline of prospective sales full.

Have you ever encountered this obstacle in making calls yourself? “I feel that I’m intruding and will just annoy the customer.”

Well guess what, you could be right. That may be what you’ve experienced before. With the wrong approach, anyone can quickly alienate 100% of the people 100% of the time.

But consider this formula that will give you positive outcomes to your outbound calls, every time:

  1. Before making a call, firmly define in your mind how you will provide value to the person you’re calling
  2. Prepare a concise and relevant opening line
  3. Give them control over continuing the conversation

1. Define in your mind how you will provide value to the person you’re calling
For example, try this typical prospecting effort: “This customer was looking for a car but they may not have found one yet that met their needs. Let’s see if I can help them now.” Recognize the emphasis on helping them. Get in the right frame of mind to connect with them. Show them you care. They will notice and respond positively, but you’ll need to feel it in your heart, first.

2. Prepare a concise and relevant opening line
This opening works amazingly well: “Hello, I’m [yourname] calling from [yourstore] about your [make model*] … [short pause] … did I catch you at a bad time? [wait for their response]” In most cases, they will say something much like this, “Actually I am busy, but I have a few seconds. What did you call about?” Now you have about 30 seconds to tell them how you can help them and then get their feedback.

From this point, it’s all about you and your ability to connect. The hard part is over. The ice has been broken. Take a moment and reflect on this call. It was easy to make. The person receiving the call gave us permission to talk more. And, in the end, they shared exactly what we need to do to earn their business.

*Quick Note: Referencing the car they currently own—if you can—has the strongest impact. It demonstrates to them that you’re not just some mindless, cold-calling telemarketer, but someone who understands some important details of their personal circumstances. And the car they drive is very important to them.

3. Give them them control over continuing the conversation
The ending, “Did I catch you at a bad time?” really works. Firstly, if you did catch them at a bad time, stop! You’ll just burn your opportunity to earn their business later. Gracefully exit the call and try again later. By asking the question in this way, you’ve made it easy for them to end, while reserving your chance to get back to them at a better time. It also surprises them—in good way. After your quick introduction, their mind will starting thinking, “oh no, not a telemarker…” but right at that moment, you ask them this question. This unexpected twist, will change their perspective and open them up to your conversation—unless it was truly a “bad time to talk.”

Give it a try. It works.

If you’d like some specific advice to fit your particular situation, just let me know.

How effective is Your website?

How Effective Is Your Website?

Your website is the first place most consumers will encounter your dealership—which means it’s vital that you maximize leads and sales from your site. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a checklist that enabled you to measure the effectiveness of your website investment? Perhaps you should ask yourself these questions:

•  Do you know how many unique visitors browse your site each month?
•  Are you converting at least five percent of those visitors into leads?
•  Do you have enough “call-to-actions” on the inner pages of your site to promote lead generation?
•  Do you know how many leads are specifically generated from your website each month?
•  Have you been able to cancel third-party leads because your website is generating leads?
•  Does your Internet department close more than 30 percent of what the sales floor does?
•  Can you locate your dealership on search engines using high volume search terms, such as “Los Angeles Honda dealer?”
•  Do you know what your customers are looking for on the web?
•  Do your customers compliment you on how easy it is to use your site?
•  Can you identify any of the five tell-tale signs of a properly optimized website—html content, anchor text within the content, a sitemap, title tags, and landing pages with content?

Start building your email-list now or you’ll hate yourself later

Adding email to your marketing mix just makes business sense. It helps increase revenues. It helps drive down marketing costs. It helps improve overall operational efficiency. Now that’s a rare and exciting mix. But to begin, you need to build your email-list.

Step 1. Focus on your customer base.

A great place to start is with every service appointment. Ask for an email address during that initial phone call. For example, offer to send an email confirmation with all the appointment information.

Beware of sham shortcuts like purchasing email addresses. Recipients from these lists will quickly flag you as a spammer. Don’t fall into the blacklist trap just to find all your efforts null and void.

Step 2. Get your staff on board.

Train your staff. Set standards and goals. Establish competitions and rewards for capturing email addresses. You need to measure your email collection rates. If you can measure it, you can improve it. Lavish praise to those who exceed a 90% email penetration rate per service appointment.

Step 3. Integrate your email marketing into your strategic plan.

Even with a small list, you’ll want to start marketing. Get your colors, logos and messages consistent. Consider investing in software such as the ServicePoint Advanced Scheduling System and the eZ Internet Marketing System.

Today’s lack of widespread usage amongst dealerships will not last. Get the upper hand before your competitors wake up and start building their lists. The time for change has arrived.

Start now, or you’ll hate yourself later.