How Does Email Fit into Your Online Marketing Strategy?

Executive Summary

Marketing Perspective: To get the most from your online strategy, make email marketing a priority.

Technology Perspective: Obtaining useful metrics and ensuring high deliverability rates are technology-driven issues.

Results Perspective: Real world experience has shown email broadcasts can make a dramatic improvement in sales—even in a down market.

In today’s tough and competitive marketplace, email continues to offer powerful benefits to improve your lead generation results. Make it the foundation of your online strategy. Finding the full potential of marketing your dealership online requires your recognition of the “right place” for email in your efforts.

Most importantly, stay focused on your list—that golden list of email addresses. Your open and conversion rates are fully dependent on three things:

  1. The quality of your email marketing list
  2. The quality of your marketing messages and design
  3. The deliverability of your email system

Golden lists don’t just happen. Make it your goal. Measure it. The most important lead generation metrics:

  • List size
  • Open rates
  • Click through rates on your call-to-action links
  • Phone calls generated from your call-to-action messsages

As you craft your design and messages, split your list into two randomly selected segments. Send one design to the first group. Send another design to the second group. Which worked best? Learn from that and then repeat the process on the next effort. These experiments can dramatically improve your results.

Lastly, don’t neglect deliverability. Watch your bounce rates and open rates. How are they trending? As these numbers go down, it may indicate technical issues related to your approach. Stay on top of best practices and legal requirements so your email messages are delivered to the inbox every time.

Set aside time to keep up with new advancements and best practices. Find out more about your customers’ expectations. Learn from others by observing how other savvy marketers navigate all of this.

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