How effective is Your website?

How Effective Is Your Website?

Your website is the first place most consumers will encounter your dealership—which means it’s vital that you maximize leads and sales from your site. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a checklist that enabled you to measure the effectiveness of your website investment? Perhaps you should ask yourself these questions:

•  Do you know how many unique visitors browse your site each month?
•  Are you converting at least five percent of those visitors into leads?
•  Do you have enough “call-to-actions” on the inner pages of your site to promote lead generation?
•  Do you know how many leads are specifically generated from your website each month?
•  Have you been able to cancel third-party leads because your website is generating leads?
•  Does your Internet department close more than 30 percent of what the sales floor does?
•  Can you locate your dealership on search engines using high volume search terms, such as “Los Angeles Honda dealer?”
•  Do you know what your customers are looking for on the web?
•  Do your customers compliment you on how easy it is to use your site?
•  Can you identify any of the five tell-tale signs of a properly optimized website—html content, anchor text within the content, a sitemap, title tags, and landing pages with content?

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